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Joy in Autumn Mornings

This time of year can be a real challenge. Short days. Low light. Cold starts. Who knows where the days go.

But also... when stopping for a few moments, feeling the sun warming closed eyelids...basking in that deep orange glow...noticing the variety of calls from birds of many a feather... the soothing qualities of running water nearby... Oh Yes! Autumn can be amazing.

So it may not sound like the typical morning commute - but if your route to work does pass close to a park or green space, making time for a little immersion in your natural surroundings can be a nourishing, rejuvenating start to your day.

...frost slowly heading away from intricate lines in fallen leaves, diamonds glistening more beautifully than any ring...the simple joy of an autumn morning walk is not to be missed.

When settled emotion and enough time allow the pull towards a park or down a beautiful leafy street ~ Rather than feeling compelled to dive head-first into office-work, let yourself hear that subtle calling inside.

You know the remarkable satisfaction that can be found on a stroll through changing autumn leaves ~ Too many colours to mention.

Mountains of moss allowed to thrive on damp path edges. Enjoying the natural beauty around you. Intuition heightened. Creativity nurtured.

Of course it helps to be in a peaceful, pedestrianised environment, where you notice that variety of birds, overlaying distant traffic, and the sound of scampering walkers companions... But remember too - how a chilled, atmospheric headphone soundtrack (and alert watch!) can provide many priceless moments to absorb yourself in autumn. Could it be the ultimate moving meditation?

And what about those rainy days? Well it's worth considering the palpable boost to wellbeing felt when walking after a heavy downpour.

A brief morning meander is a good reminder of why we seek a healthier work life balance. How that can be furthered with a short morning detour. When you arrive at your desk (hopefully in reasonable time) you can share that great energy with colleagues.

About Justin

Justin Eade began practicing movement for wellbeing to manage workplace related musculoskeletal issues in 1993. He is now a nebosh accredited Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing specialist @Glimpsei

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