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Is Your Office Desk Ergonomically Supporting you?

A little movement goes a long way

Supporting Better Health

Did you know that unhealthy lifestyles and poor workforce health mean that UK businesses lose over £90 billion a year?

Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and mental health challenges have been linked to Sedentary Behaviour.
Health and safety experts have advised that desk-based staff integrate regular movement throughout the working day.
An employer’s duty of care includes DSE and workplace risk assessments ~ But there are many more ways to help.
Colleagues Collaborate Best When Feeling Well
  • Embodied wellbeing practices that help boost creativity, concentration, motivation and improve quality of life.

  • Why too much sitting is bad for health ~ How movement provides the key to greater wellbeing and performance.

  • Simple movement techniques that help reduce pain, stress, fatigue and improve posture, sleep and energy levels.

Moving Well Workshops

You can gain lasting benefits learning skills in Active Workshops.

Enjoyable, deeply informative events for more effective Self Care.

Stretching feels good - Take Regular Breaks from your Screen
Wellness connecting with wilderness - Bring a Yoga Mat for Comfort
Active Workplace Learning can be fun in a group

Active Workshop Delivery ~ Online, In or Outdoor Group  


Intensive Essentials



Active Introduction

Moving Well Every Day

Profoundly insightful 'Lunch & Learn' packed with ideas to use now 

Vital knowledge plus embodied practice for enhanced results

Learn to gain comprehensive benefits with Active Workplace Self Care

Natural Immersion

Getting outdoors during the work day brings sustainable benefits.

Stronger connection to your local park and green space makes lunchtime breaks and walking meetings feasible and healthier.  

A reminder that nature is a constant teacher and our greatest ally.

Outdoor Group Learning is a regenerative occupational wellbeing method. Engage in a fascinating range of activities ~ Forest bathing; reflexology walking; negative ions boosting; wildcrafts and of course some dynamic movements. We’ll organise the essentials for a team building, rewarding and memorable event ~ Empowering insight with embodied experiences. 

Programmes & Training

Our workplace wellbeing initiatives support employee health and wellness with essential knowledge and practice. Inspiring greater confidence, collaboration and truly dynamic workdays.

Based on a quarter century of industry experience and insight. Glimpse ~ Moving Well help companies enhance and develop healthy working environments and wellbeing strategies. Expert Programmes are available for all, including our 12 Module Holistic Wellbeing course ~ Deep learning for leadership development. 

Plus there's additional training to equip Wellbeing and Nature Champions ~ Is your organisation looking after it’s roots?

Social Prescribing

We’ve been involved in the development of Social Prescribing for many years. Sharing knowledge, insights and ideas for increasing healthy lifestyle choices and activities for all.

Our workshops are available online or in person and can be found on the ALISS website. Link Workers are aware of a wide variety of local classes, events, resources and groups patients can join when interested. Green Social Prescribing trials have been very successful in the UK. Over 80% of patients have said they will continue to use it to help their health and wellbeing.

Natural Immersion Group - Spend Time in Nature
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Outdoor Workshop Engagement and Natural Immersion
Active Workshops
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