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Move Naturally

Stepping outside with bare feet onto patio or grass feels uplifting on a warm sunny morning. It can feel grounding on a chilly winter evening too - especially if you’ve been indoors in shoes all day. There are many simple pleasures that just feel right.

Reflecting on these natural tendencies is a source of joy and curiosity. A helpful and effective way to determine what you’d like more of in your life. Nature connection? And for your children, family and friends too ~ Relating with them on these simple actions and the benefits. Sharing insights, instincts, cues and behaviours you love.

Looking back at where we came from, our ancestors and even our past physical incarnations during the long, long process of evolution to where we are now - How did we develop such agile, sophisticated and versatile bodies and minds? What did our ‘hunter gatherer’ selves do each day and did they live well and with happiness?

When considering activities, behaviours and habits you want to maintain or increase, and those you could to let go of too - Try asking yourself:

What can I do that my body is already really good at, enjoys and needs me to do?

Can I make this a regular activity? How do I easily make that happen?

It could be you decide to take a few moments every evening, before going to bed, to incorporate a little self care. Something to help you sleep well. You could use a physical object as a prop: Foot roller; Poetry book; Watering can; Hot water bottle. Place this somewhere you’ll notice before bed and enjoy the regular routine.

When you bring it back to what you enjoy and what you’re quite capable of, it’s easier to identify activities you naturally want to do and could do more of.

We all need encouragement and reminding sometimes when it comes to moving our bodies and looking after our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

It’s wise to think about this within the context of the ‘Bigger Picture’ ~ Who we are and how we got here ~ Considering our past deeply informs our present and future. Physical Activity is something humans are excellent at but we need to remain motivated and aware of our natural abilities and play to those strengths so it can truly support us. And when we can do it socially, that is the best all rounder.

A favourite example is playing a song you absolutely love, that always gets you moving no matter what ~ Wow. That’s a powerful opportunity in your life.

Oh and... Dancing with others? Yes, that’s when we benefit the most!

About Justin

Justin Eade began practicing movement for wellbeing to manage workplace related musculoskeletal issues in 1993. He now runs Active Workshops for employees wishing to incorporate healthy movement into their day and provides expertise and advice to companies who support healthier workplaces and enhanced employee wellbeing. Follow @Glimpsei & Moving Well on Facebook.

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