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Change Activity ~ Boost Creativity

A hot bath at the end of the day. The warm running water of a morning shower, waking up your senses. Both bring relaxation, stimulation and sometimes that unique quality of thought ~ An idea comes to mind, grows and blossoms into an exciting concept, (the bare bones written down later as your towel falls to the floor) yes, those Eureka moments!

We know the capacity for creative, flexible or critical thinking is deeply affected by our behaviours, environments and input. But a recent study published in the Journal of Creative Behaviour adds weight to the argument that moving the body, regularly throughout the day, can bring valuable cognitive rewards:

"Across three experiments, we show that a change in the levels of physical activity increases creative thinking, whereas inactivity or repetitive activity lowers it."

In addition to the numerous health benefits of reducing sedentary behaviours, taking regular walking and movement breaks increases blood flow and oxygen intake. And having a greater connection to nature and those working with you forms part of a holistic approach to working well. The study highlights the impact of moving often and changing activity, stating that if you have a desk job, this is one more good reason to get up and move on a regular basis:

“The first 8 to 10 minutes after the change (of activity) is the golden time to find creative solutions for your problems - don’t waste those moments.”

Glimpse recommend Sit-Stand-Move, active and agile working. Regular opportunities to step outside the office for fresh air and connection to green spaces. Frequently changing posture and position. Adopting dynamic workspaces that support employee wellbeing, freedom to move physically and regularly while at work.

So it's really exciting to see new research that illustrates performance benefits linked to recommended active and agile working behaviours.

You can read a full summary of the study here in Psychology Today

Find out more about the great variety of movement strategies that really work - please get in touch and spark the change to a healthier, happier working week.

About Justin

Justin Eade began practicing movement for wellbeing to manage workplace related musculoskeletal issues in 1993. He now runs Active Workshops for employees wishing to incorporate healthy movement into their day and provides expertise and advice to companies who support healthier workplaces and enhanced employee wellbeing. Follow @Glimpsei & Moving Well on Facebook.

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