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Prepared Being

For populations around the world to live healthier, happier lives it takes a concerted effort. It is possible for us all to live well, on a safe and healthy planet, but to do this will require engagement, critical thinking, agreed action and determination.

Most people appreciate the importance of being prepared. It’s a bit like prevention is to greater difficulty - “A stitch in time saves nine.

So how can we as individuals, and as communities, get ready and be better equipped to help? To support each other and the planet during multiple crises? Playing our unique part in the first quarter of the 21st Century.

Discerning relevance and significance. Making positive changes and contributing to the improvements we long to see. So that future generations can thrive.

Being conscious of the multiple global crises, can be exhausting, overwhelming and confusing. There are many complexities and interlinked factors.

But gaining occasional clarity of the fundamental and most relevant (to you or your industry) challenges is more possible than ever. So long as you know what to look for within and without, in the Information Age. Urgency being key at this time.

All of this takes a mixture of being in tune with yourself, your valuable lived experience, wisdom, attention, self discipline, self compassion… it’s a long list.

Many people manage to find balance. But more of us are going to require greater resilience, compassion, clarity and so on, as this century unfolds. And we need to make that stitch in time to prevent things unraveling or becoming unsustainable.

Now is when we prepare for the big challenges ahead. And now is when we better manage current challenges. In the present moment - what can we do?

A helpful way to resolve and improve tough situations is to rise up to the call. Be better prepared. Aware and motivated. Effective at prioritising prevention.

For some of us that will include innovating; Designing; Scaling solutions within our industries; geographical areas and communities. And it will also include paying greater attention to our own physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Central to all of this is how we as human beings live, learn, adapt and be. More conscious of our circumstances, opportunities and unique personal significance.

Though scale of global impacts is both unknown and broad ~ When we put our sustained attention to what ‘ We Can Do Now ’ to help, we allow ourselves to grow and our environment to flourish.

Knowledge required to maintain good health and wellbeing is clear

This is highly significant because adapting to increasing change and supporting population health, around the world, necessitates clarity and wisdom. Creativity and consciousness. Action and response. Personal stability. Care for ourselves; loved ones and those who need it most in our community. It’s happening with, for example, the wealth of resources empowering better mental health and wellbeing. Particularly post pandemic and now with current cost of living crisis.

The awareness of the benefits of time in nature; movement and physical activity. The importance of social interaction - Daily. The many ways to keep doing the things that work.

Being mindful of our local environment and use of Earth’s resources

Engaging with the world around us. Urban and nature, with a healthy balance of time spent in these spaces. The combined benefits are profound.

Many parts of the world have the systems and structure in place - often it’s about using these well. Keeping our local organisations up to date with new and existing needs. For example, a safe and sustainable way to manage high temperature, flooding, icy pavements - provision of adequate local facilities. Effective communication is always key. Along with persistence.

The importance of innovative, creative and nature based strategies

If it doesn’t work or is badly designed can we fix it - Sooner? When it’s use is expiring and it won’t stand up to new or future pressures, can we make/create something better now? Make it real.

Parts of current infrastructure are becoming less relevant or useful, but with the development of good green jobs we have an extraordinary opportunity. Raising awareness of urgent and emergent movements, innovation, regeneration.

Economic equality and a fair balance ~ A wellbeing economy for all

There is significant clarity around the positives of ‘doughnut economics’ and we can get involved or make a change with support from our own community.

We are rising to the big challenges but it takes courage, consistency and collaboration ~ Are you prepared for the journey ahead?

Glimpse ~ Moving Well deliver a range of wellbeing workshops, uniquely tailored to you or your team/organisation’s interests. Online, outdoors, in person wherever practical. Themes include ‘building greater resilience’ ~ ‘reducing stress/anxiety’ ~ ‘improving concentration’. We also provide holistic wellbeing programmes, training and consultancy. Helping people to innovate and thrive.


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