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Wake up Happy!

Remember when waking up in the morning seemed to happen moments after closing your eyes at night? Hearing birdsong... then clinks of bowls and plates downstairs...aware of a profound sense of happiness and deeply relaxed contentment. (Back when words like 'well-being' were just a twinkle in the eye!)

I'm only using past-tense because for many of us, recalling that level of waking contentment requires thinking back to being about seven years old! Or at least to your last rejuvenating holiday; when waking up relaxed after active days and just the right number of sleep cycles still felt - feels... sublimely good.

The deeper unadulterated sense of complete morning renewal happened when your younger self was well-rested; stress-free(?); toxin-free; more supple. Flexible and generally more sufficiently exercised. (Yes yoga fans, you're right to think of post-class, deep relaxation/exhilaration... but more on that later.)

It is possible to make mornings great again. Beginning with the decision to do something for yourself from now on. If physical musculoskeletal discomfort and aching is the first thing you notice upon waking - for instance lower back pain (very common) or stiff neck, head, shoulders or legs and hips - this could also be related to your sleeping posture. There are lots of helpful videos on the subject, watch a few to see what resonates for you.

Don't forget to check your mattress is still supporting you properly. It shouldn't really be more then 7-10 years old as a general rule. (There are various decent resources to help inform decisions but it’s worth considering that many articles around sleep can be linked to the mattress/bedroom furniture industry). Getting a good nights sleep is obviously really important and there is so much you can do to help achieve this. Especially if sleep quality has become compromised. Many people find a gentle bed-time yoga sequence helpful. Please avoid candles*

Aches and pains first thing in the morning generally subside, once up and about and Moving (Yes, movement is your main ally!) So how about starting the day with a few minutes of easy gentle movements that really help. Because movement is the thing that's been missing for the last 5, 6..7...10 hours!

You can do these movements on your bed. (Great if you meditate first thing).

Or try something a little more ambitious and highly effective for getting yourself going in the morning. This sequence of Shakti Bandha Asanas - energy releasing movements, really help remove tension and wake up body and mind.

Regular walking outside in fresh air is also remarkably good for improving sleep. Taking a brisk walk in the morning and late afternoon might be all you need to wake up feeling miles better. If you can go beyond the 20 minute mark during a single walk and reach 30 minutes you'll gain even greater rewards.

There are a whole range of movements we can recommend for specific issues via our Moving Well ~ Active Workshops. Further examples via the Facebook page and @Glimpsei But for now: Focus on moving more, early each morning with something you enjoy, and can easily incorporate into a regular routine.

Then remember ~ 'Seek happy nights to happy days' ~ And Good Mornings!

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